Joyce_and_Dad.jpgHappy Anniversary, Ms. Bustamante!
How wonderful that your dad could celebrate the occasion with you and see a portion of the many lives in which you have made a difference!

- You inspire me everyday. With your hard work, your humor and your dedication to providing the very best experience for every child that you meet. It's an honor! Here's to 10 more years! --Ms. Krill.

Joyce Bustamante came to Stargate in the middle of the third year the school was opened. Of all the candidates interviewed, she had the most creative, hands-on ideas for her students. She has stayed with the school during all of its ups and downs, reliably providing lessons the children love. Thank you, Ms. B., for sticking it out! --Valicia McPherson

Every school needs a Joyce Bustamante. Her loyalty, work ethic, and motto "It's for the kids" set the example for all of us. I know that I feel fortunate to work
alongside her. She arrives at school every morning before the sun is up, dresses in a multitude of wild and crazy costumes, shares seemingly unlimited teaching resources (many of which she has created) with her colleagues, and makes every effort to support her students and their parents as they reach for the stars. She is one of my Stargate heroes! --Patty Crone

Ms. B, You have made such an amazing impact on the life of my son Michael. I grew up loving learning, and I was surprised to find that my son really didn't have the passion and enthusiasm for learning that came to me so naturally. That is to say until he came to your class. You have engaged him in ways that have opened doors to the world of learning for him that I feared he'd never pass through. He's a different student because of you, Ms. B. He truly is. And I thank God for you and your heart for teaching my child and the children of Stargate. You're leaving pieces of you in each of the children you teach. What a legacy. Thanks and happy 10th Anniversary!
Kim Eckstine

From the very beginning 10 years ago, I knew that you were someone special and would be a great addition to Stargate. Little did I know how important you would come to be to my as yet unborn son. Your depth of understanding, flexibility, creativity, and amazing ability to develop working relationships with challenging children (and their equally challenging parents) mean more than could possibly be expressed here. The experience of contacting all of your old students has only affirmed my belief in the lasting influence your teaching has and will have on these learners. Be assured that for every message you see posted here, there are multitudes more in the hearts and minds of all you have touched. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to make Stargate an exceptional experience for the entire Stargate community! ~Bev Weiler

Mrs. B, Not only have you been an inspirational teacher to my children, you have been an incredible mentor to me. I appreciate all that you have done for my family. I am honored to be able to work with you. You have truly touched so many lives in so many wonderful ways! Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and kindness. Happy, happy, tenth anniversary! Donna McLeod