You’re a great teacher, and you have a great personality! I loved having you as a teacher because you make learning so fun!
I’ll never forget you’re magnificent teaching! Thank you!
Megan Kallis

You’re a great teacher, and you make learning fun!!! I always think, what are we going to do today? It’s a thrill
to be in your class, and I love all your awesome projects!!! Your great, and I can’t believe I’m in your class. I’m Sooo lucky! No wonder you’re the lead teacher!
Julia Kallis

Mrs. B, I could only have wished that I had a teacher as wonderful as you when I attended school. I am so proud that my two girls had you as part of their lives. I know that they will never forget all the great experiences that they had in your class. Thank you so much for making their learning experience something they will never forget!
Dean J. Kallis

Mrs.B, I wanted to congratulate you on your tenth year of teaching at Stargate! You were one of the best teachers I've ever had and I wish you many happy years of teaching in the future!
Shannon McLeod

School Year 2004-05