I remember first going into Mrs. B's class. I was completely terrified, as a rumor had gotten around that she was horrifically strict. But on the first day of school, all my previous assumptions about her went out the door when she showed us the broomstick that she claimed to have flown in on. In my two years of having her as a teacher, I can recall her costumes, fun projects, and trademark wit that made me enjoy school as much as I did. Last year, I wrote an article on her class for the school newspaper and was able to see another group of kids having as much fun as I did in her class. (A lot.)
-Brendan Dillon
School Year 2002-03

Dear Mrs. B
Thank you for always being such an inspiration to Brendan. While navigating third and fourth grade the road was not always smooth, in fact sometimes it was full of potholes! I am so grateful that you were the one who Brendan could count on everyday to guide him. Your compassion and encouragement helped Brendan to enjoy school and to be successful. It also helped supply me with what I needed as a parent, both educationally and emotionally. I can never thank you enough for all that you have given us. You are an amazing dedicated teacher and an amazing generous person. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary - you are one of my favorite things about Stargate!
-Kim Dillon
P.S. The whole navigation/guide analogy doesn't apply when I am in the driver's seat with you in the passenger's seat and we are driving confused loops around Colo. Springs with a car full of fourth grade boys!!!