Mrs. B,
Finding the right school for our son Patrick was rough. He never fit in, and was at times (a little odd ) always asking questions, always searching, always exploring his world around him. His teachers in 1st., 2nd, 3rd, enjoyed him, however didn't appreciate him, didn't quite get him. Until you, fourth grade was Patrick's best experience at Stargate. He was appreciated and understood. His love of movies only grew as the year progressed with your daily conversations on the latest movies. His work was excellent and I believe it was you who set his standard for his school work ethic, that he continues today as a 9th grader at Horizon High School. When Patrick was asked who he wanted to invite to his 8th grade presentation it was you. Your love and quest for knowledge pours over to every child you teach. You are a rare gift and my family was honored to be touched by you. Congratulations on a special anniversary!
Paula & Patrick Sullivan

Mrs. B,
You were one of the most inspirational teachers I've ever had. You will be a teacher I'll never forget. You gave me a love of learning that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.
Connor McLeod

School Year 2001-02