Ms. Bustamante!!!!!!!
Hi! wow i have been having a blast from the past couple of days. My oldest best friend Lia found me on myspace and now this! Well i just wanted to let you know that i remember you very well, and you were one of the best teachers i have ever had. I am going to sum up my life story for you: i moved to Las Vegas when i was ten and i miss Colorado so much and everyone there. Stargate was an amazing school, i learned so much and had such a great time with all of the teachers plus you! I go to a performing arts school now and i have some of the best teachers here too. I am a Sophmore and it is my dream to go to NYU and i believe to going to a school like Stargate and not have a teacher like you i would not have these high of standards and dreams. I can not believe it has been so long, Happy Anniversary! I hope all of these years have been great ones for you and ones to remember. I would love to hear from you sometime, and hope you have the best Anniversary ever!
Lauren Schoenberger ( the girl in front with the white shirt and the long blonde hair )

Hey, this is Jeremy Burkett, happy 10 year anniversary Mrs. Bustamante!

Hi Ms. Bustamante!
I just wanted to let you know that you have made a very large impact on my life, and likely many other lives as well. Throughout a long and fruitful life at Stargate, you were one of the first truly great teachers I have had. Even now, in 9th grade, I can still recall your absolute passion and joy in teaching, matched by few, as well as your ability to pass that on to your students, allowing them to feel the same joy that you do. Congratulations on a great 10 years at Stargate, and the best of luck in the years to come.
Hunter Chase (all the way in the front left)

Dear Mrs. Bustamante, Although it's been several years since I was in your class, I have many fond memories of you, especially your vibrant, hands-on teaching style. I remember having fun while learning all about Colorado history (I still remember how to cord!), learing about our classmates in Star of the Week ( I believe that's what it's called) and my personal favorite, the treasure chest that we had access to once we completed our sheet of stickers. We learned so much due to the interactive atmosphere that you created. However, what I took away from your class is much more than knowledge and fun; I learned about what's right and wrong. At an age when I was vulnerable to practically anything, you taught me to respect others and not conform to pressure. And now, looking back six years later, I know it is that for which I am truely thankful. Sincerely, Jennifer Luo

Although it has been such a long time since you were my teacher, I still remember many of the things that you taught me. You were a fantastic teacher. I always enjoyed being in your class. I will never forget when you pretended to be Shirlylock Holmes. I have some great memories from that class, especially the memory of a wonderful teacher. ~Robbie Crowley

School Year 2000-01