Mrs. B was the first person to open my eyes to the wonders of the world and what it has to teach. Thanks to her, I've become the person I am: always curious to learn more about the world around me and people who live here. ~Sharon Chang

Ms. B., That picture is funny. I was such a n00b. Thanks for being a great teacher. Congrats! Here's to another 10 years, what do you say?-Nick Scholl

Ms. B, Congratulations! You have been such a dedicated teacher. The Stargate community is lucky to have you. The loyalty you have shown has meant the world to all the parents and staff. Teaching is your gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!
-Megan Scholl (mom to Nicky-in the front)

Ms. B! Wow, it's been a really long time since we've last seen each other. You were my first teacher at Stargate and probably the best overall, even up until now. You opened up so many doors to new ideas and methods of teaching that I feel absolutely grateful. What I remember most was your alter ego, her name escapes me at the moment, but she was Ms. Archaeologist Extraordinaire, and how we made pots and then broke them to create our own dig site. That was a lot of fun and stands out in my memory. You are the kind of teacher that parents dream of and kids are wary at first, but they grow to love you because of your amiable nature and also your strict manner. Thank you very much for being my teacher.
__Anna Gitarts (the one in the front row wearing the ridiculously bright sweater)

Hi Mrs. B! You were definitely one of my favorite teachers that I have ever had, because you taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance. I loved the projects that we did in your class, like the one where we made the models of arrowheads, which I still have. I am glad that you were my teacher and I know that your teaching also impacted your other students as well. Being in your class inspired me to do well, not just for a grade, but for the satisfaction of achieving.
-Mihika Gangolli

I remember when we were doing a little unit on anthropology. We talked about studying artifacts to learn about the people, and their customs, how they behaved in their society. I'm not sure every class gets to experience the demonstration she gave my class! I remember she asked the class what scientists would think thousands of years from now, if they "discovered" the typical suburban apartment of today? She went on to tell what I thought was the most hilarious story I'd ever heard. Based on the "evidence" in the apartment, the scientists assumed ordinary household things (Such as spoons, chairs, roller skates, etc.) had the most bizarre purposes! My ultimate favorite of the time, as I recall, was the toilet bowl cleaner being used in a religious ceremony where precious water from the sacred storage (Yes, the toilet) was splashed among the people! Mrs. Bustamante then preceded to splash us all with her (clean) toilet bowl cleaner! That was the best part, of course, and the whole class was thrown into a giddy uproar of laughter.I don't remember very much about elementary school, as Mrs. Bustamante was my 4th grade teacher, and I am now a junior in high school. Specific details slip past me. But I remember loving her class. I remember trying to impress Mrs. Bustamante everyday, I remember being so thrilled when she praised me! I remember being excited to read "The Hobbit" every day, trying to solve her wuzzles, and participating in her "Star of the week" show and tell, and I even remember crying when summer came, and I wasn't going to be in her class anymore. I will always remember Mrs. Bustamante as one of the best teachers in my Stargate experience. She's a woman who knows how to expand young minds, creatively explore new learning styles, incorporate lessons for the kinesthetic, visual and aural learners, and have a blast with her students all at the same time! There will always be a place in my heart for her, and I will always love and respect her for the gifts that she has given me, and her other students! -Emily Luhrs (Class of 2008)

School Year 1999-00