School Year 1996-97
Old Eastlake Building on Claude Court

Ms. B,
I remember you reading us The Tollbooth. It was so much fun. Do you remember the time that we got lost in the Dolldrums? We didn't make it to gym that day. It was alot of fun.
Thanks for being such a great teacher. It is amazing that you are still touching the lives of your students. Stargate is lucky to still have you.
Taylor Richardson

Ms. B,
The best part of your classes was that you made sure to explain everything in seven different ways until I understood exactly what was going on (you also helped keep me motivate with cutout rocket ships and airplanes). You're the best,
Duncan McPherson

IMG_1117.JPG Congratulations, Ms. Bustamante!
Your incredible teaching pushed me to be what I am today and what I will become. Your instruction in science gave me the desire to pursue it throughout my entire academic career and beyond. My creative writing also soared as a result of your encouragement, which is one of the creative outlets that I still use on a regular basis. Thank you for the huge difference you've made in my life and those of the other students you have had in class. When I think of my experience at Stargate and its wonderful teachers, I think of you.
Danielle Pohlit